The Orchard Waldorf School Ltd







Rudolf Steiners’ educational philosophies promote cooperative learning within the community context.


The community is indeed the backbone of the school and as such holds a central position within the school. Creating a school culture that focuses on embracing the whole child, heart, head and hands, and being ever mindful of the influences that impact on their growth is the ideal. The school will support community members and activities that hold the child in their centre and encourages an active and healthy lifestyle.


Our goal is to nurture appreciation and respect for the natural

environment, support the growth of healthy and capable bodies,

and kindle the flame of curiosity and understanding. We strive to

grow a community of like minded families who will work together

with a common goal.


The wider community will be embraced as a valuable part of the

children’s education. Together we will instil a sense of community

and a pride in being able to assist with, and participate in, the rich

and diverse cultures of the Gold Coast, national and international