The Orchard Waldorf School Ltd





Homeschool Hub 


As a school that will find its roots within the community, it is our vision to

create a learning hub that will benefit as many families and their children

as possible. To enable this vision to become a reality careful planning is

imperative.  It is recognised that home schooling families, at times,

experience some level of isolation and difficulties accessing appropriate

resources. It is with this thought the school wishes to be advised by the

community as to what you would see as a positive addition to your

educational journey.


Parents choose home schooling for many reasons, the provision of a hub

for homeschooling parents and children could provide a space where peer

interaction can occur and friendships form. It may provide a resource / advisory support opportunity as well as a meeting point. Where space is available, homeschool children may join a specialist learning sessions such as music, language or sport.