The Orchard Waldorf School Ltd






The School was named The Orchard as a representation of a community where all things, tended to appropriately, grow into a well developed and fruitful maturity.  The logo represents natural growth, strong and upward reaching, bringing forth a diversity of fruits (or gifts) within the circle of a connected and nurturing community.


Working in small and methodical steps, it is The Orchard’s intention to incorporate a wide variety of programs for the benefit of the School and wider community.


As we all know intentions alone are not enough, creating strong foundations and a healthy growth requires effort and hard work. As a community based school we wish to invite you to support this vision and ensure that we grow into a fruitful school for our children now and into  the future.



The School 

The School will offer an inclusive, contemporary curriculum which is responsive to the child, their development and the modern environment in which we live.


The educational philosophy will be drawn from the work of Rudolf Steiner who ‘aimed to create a holistic educational experience that enriched the life and development of the child on many levels, not simply through the development of the intellect.’

As many gardeners know, the some of the most amazing plants require extra support to enhance their growth.


A trellis is an open weave, interconnecting support structure that allows plants to grow to their full potential and be healthy and fruitful.

The Trellis 

As a school that will find its roots within the community, it is our vision to create a learning hub that will benefit as many families and their children as possible.  It is recognised that home schooling families, at times, experience some level of isolation and difficulties in accessing appropriate resources.

Rudolf Steiners’ educational philosophies promote cooperative learning within the community context.


The community is indeed the backbone of the school and as such holds a central position within the school. Creating a school culture that focuses on embracing the whole child, body mind and spirit, and being ever mindful of the influences that impact on their growth is the ideal.

Homeschool Hub


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