The Orchard Waldorf School Ltd





Myths about Steiner / Waldorf education

The School 




The School will offer an inclusive, contemporary curriculum which is responsive to the child, their development and the modern environment in which we live.


The educational philosophy will be drawn from the work of Rudolf Steiner

who ‘aimed to create a holistic educational experience that enriched the

life and development of the child on many levels, not simply through the

development of the intellect.’


The School guides the child on a path of self-discovery and learning,

promotes ethics and morality and values the importance of a nurturing,

relationship-based approach to teaching. The curriculum respectfully

addresses all the major religious and cultural traditions but does not

instruct in any religion.


The curriculum and pedagogy of the School is appropriate for a diverse range of students with differing cultural, economic and social backgrounds. It is the Board’s belief that the community as a whole shares in the education of the children.


In a Waldorf school, children develop capabilities and skills that can be applied independently in any setting by learning to operate from a strong centre within themselves.


The Orchard Waldorf School whilst not encouraging competition will, however, encourage a range of physical activities and sports where teamwork, team spirit and personal progress can be celebrated.


                                                                                  Children of a primary school age remain ‘unplugged’, building solid

                                                                                  foundations through the use of creative endeavours. The use of

                                                                                  computers and information technology will be introduced to children at an

                                                                                  age appropriate level as an important tool in our society through which

                                                                                  additional learning, research and communication can take place.


                                                                                 The intention of this school is to create a comprehensive inclusion program

                                                                                 that embraces individual learning styles and abilities and enhances

                                                                                 learning outcomes for all students. The school will work together with

                                                                                 families, educators and specialists to provide individual education

                                                                                 programs  to support children with learning, developmental and social challenges. Whilst maintaining a safe learning space for all children, the school will cater for the diverse needs of its students through ongoing staff training, parental involvement and community education and awareness programs.


The Steiner curriculum has ACARA recognition, for further information visit 


While we are master planning the School, the implementation will be in small, manageable stages.


In no particular order, we intend to incorporate the following:







   After / Before school care

   Homeschool resources, space and curriculum

   Community space and workshops

   Biodynamic farm


The curriculum will incorporate:



   Sport facilities (non competitive)

   Musical instrument  / voice


   Technology (at an age appropriate Class level)