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Myths about Steiner / Waldorf education

The Trellis 




As many gardeners know, the some of the most amazing plants require extra support to enhance their growth.


A trellis is an open weave, interconnecting support structure that allows plants to grow to their full potential and be healthy and fruitful.


The Trellis program will run throughout the school. It will be interwoven into the classroom experience allowing flexibility in learning and support individual educational, social as well as physical needs.


Working together with parents, professionals and available resources

the school will promote a positive and responsive learning environment.

It will allow all children to find their place within the community, to feel

safe and to flourish.


Embracing diversity enriches all environments and promotes healthy

and productive interactions. It is expected that The Trellis program will

evolve with the school, and will be an ongoing integral part of our ethos.